Advanced Engineering Forum Vol. 22


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Gennadiy Pivniak, Oleksandra Vagonova, Vasiliy Prokopenko

摘要: The ways of improvement of the economic relations between a mining and processing plant and a landowner have been justified, basing on their...

作者: Roman Dychkovskyi, Anna Avdiushchenko, Vasyl Lozynskyi

摘要: The method of investment attraction evaluation for the implementation of mining equipment was substantiated. Discounted financial results were...

作者: Serhiy Shkarlet, Liliya Kasyanenko

摘要: The analysis of possible ways of increasing motivation and enterprises stimulation to labor conditions improvement is conducted. The mechanism of...

作者: Alexander S. Beshta

摘要: The trend of energy consumed growth all over the world demands to solve the problem of energy effectiveness of technological processes. Because of...

作者: Olga Romanenko

摘要: In the article methodical recommendations on the use of web analytics system in food industry enterprises, its structure and services are...

作者: Liudmyla Solianyk

摘要: Causes were systematized and groups of factors influencing the efficiency of functioning and developing of small business enterprises were...

作者: Irina Otenko, Olena Preobrazenska

摘要: Under the influence of the processes of intensification of relations among internal and external environment of companies the necessity of...

作者: Elena Bondar, Vlad Stitsenko

摘要: This article presents a possibility of system-based implementation of determining the cost of work in construction. Based on the principles of...

作者: Olena Vynogradova, Mariia Smykova

摘要: This article is devoted to analysis of foreign experience of renewal attractive tourist image for countries and regions after military-political...