Advanced Engineering Forum Vol. 23


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Eiman Aghababaie, Hamid Reza Javadinejad, Mohsen Saboktakin Rizi, Marzieh Ebrahimian

摘要: In this study corrosion resistance of 316L stainless steel has been investigated in a solution containing different percentages of hypochloric...

作者: Elyor Berdimurodov, Abduvali Kholikov, Khamdam Akbarov, Innat Nakhatov, Nigora Kh. Jurakulova, Nurbek Umirov

摘要: This article showed that new mixed inhibitor type of cucurbit [n] urils based corrosion inhibitors with gossypol at the proportion of 50:50 is...

作者: Kanwal Jeet Singh, Inderpreet Singh Ahuja, Jatinder Kapoor

摘要: Polycarbonate bullet proof glass and acrylic heat resistant glass are used as the functional material in many application. In this research paper,...

作者: Miguel Tomás, Saíd Jalali

摘要: In order to develop a cost-effective carbon fiber reinforced polymer sensor for compressive strain monitoring, a study was carried out to assess...

作者: Bedra Mahmoudi, Ahmed Mouhoub, Brahim Mahmoudi, Hamid Menari, Abdennour Mougas

摘要: In this paper, we report a study on the possibility of fabricating porous silicon by exposing a multicrystalline silicon surface to gaseous...

作者: David J. Kvam, Yi Yu Duan, Erica Donnelly, Alicia Restrepo

摘要: Fiber-metal laminates (FMLs) are composites materials that are commonly used in areas such as aircraft industry. They are composed of ductile...

作者: Majid Ghaderi Garakani, Saeed Mahjoubi, Shervin Maleki

摘要: Staircases in reinforced concrete (RC) frame structures have suffered severe damages in past earthquakes, despite being regarded as the main means...

作者: Abdurrhman A. Alroqi, Wei Ji Wang

摘要: Many patents have suggested that spinning aircraft wheels before landing could eliminate tyre smoke at touchdown. Most patents suggest using...

作者: Sergiy Sheyko

摘要: Using of bearings and gearings is the most prevalent way to transform the momentum in mechanics, however their modular applications, namely –...

作者: Syed Abdul Rehman Khan, Qian Li Dong, Zhang Yu

摘要: In today’s world, every company is competing to enhance its time-based competitiveness. The time it takes to complete all activities of the order...