Applied Mechanics and Materials

ISSN: 1662-7482


编辑: Ruangdet Wongla
上线时间: January 2019
描述: This is the book of collected articles presented at Uttaradit Rajabhat University International Conference on Science and Technology 2018 (URUICST2018) August 2-3, 2018, Uttaradit Thailand). The book covers a multitude of topics ranging over technologies in the food processing and agriculture, pharmacology and biotechnologies, technologies for the production of renewable energy, advanced materials, chemical technologies in the environmental engineering, designing in mechanical engineering and information technologies.


编辑: Peter F. Pelz and Peter Groche
上线时间: November 2018

Collection of selected, peer-reviewed papers from the 3rd International Conference on Uncertainty in Mechanical Engineering (ICUME). The aim of ICUME is to discuss criteria, methods, and technologies to describe, evaluate and control uncertainty in mechanical engineering applications. International scholars and specialists come together and provide a broad discussion forum on the description, evaluation, avoidance, elimination of and adaptation to uncertainty. It is the aim to control uncertainty throughout the entire lifetime in planning, development, production, and usage of mechanical structures and systems. Engineers, mathematicians and other experts working in uncertainty evaluation exchange the latest research results and share their experiences in uncertainty control.


编辑: Leandro Bolzoni
上线时间: August 2018
描述: This volume contains refereed invited papers from those presented at WYRES (The Waikato Young Research Engineers Symposium) held at the University of Waikato in Hamilton (New Zealand) in November 2017. The conference aimed at providing a forum for the discussion and review of the latest advances and trends in engineering and technology. The selected papers cover a wide range of topics related to the materials science, mechanical engineering, control and robotics, signal and video processing, power electronics.


编辑: Yunn Lin Hwang
上线时间: July 2018
描述: This volume contains research papers that were presented at the 3rd International Conference on Engineering Tribology and Applied Technology 2017 (ICETAT2017, October 6-7, 2017, Kun Shan University, Tainan, Taiwan) and covers topics relating to research and engineering practice in tribology and applied technologies in the machinery designing.


编辑: Jörg Franke, Michael Scholz and Annika Höft
上线时间: July 2018

The Green Factories in Bavaria bundle up the research skills of all relevant fields for energy efficient production, e.g. Mechanical Engineering/Manufacturing Technology, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Process Engineering, Materials Science and Economic Science. They also consider all major types of energy, e.g. for motion, illumination, information processing, manufacturing processes and thermal control. Furthermore, Green Factories address the use of energy in production, logistics and administration. With the clear focus on energy efficiency in the production and Bavarian-wide, interdisciplinary collaboration, these Green Factories have to be expanded into an international research network.


编辑: Djoko Legono, Radianta Triatmaja, Prof. Priyosulistyo, Veerasak Likhitruangsilp, Lim Pang Zen, Teuku Faisal Fathani, Ali Awaludin, Intan Supraba, Imam Muthohar, Dr. Endita, Fikri Faris and Dr. Inggar Septhia Irawati
上线时间: May 2018
描述: The 1st Infrastructure Technology Symposium was held as part of the 3rd International Conference on Science and Technology (ICST 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, July 11-12, 2017). It was aimed at providing a platform for researchers, engineers, and academicians to present their latest research findings and exchanging knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering. The presented papers are published in this book and we hope this volume will be interesting and useful for many researchers, engineers, and academicians whose activity are related to the field of Civil Engineering.


编辑: Dr. Nicolae Craciunoiu, Nicolae Dumitru and Adrian Sorin Roşca
上线时间: March 2018
描述: This book presents the newest and actual research results that intend to improve theoretical and practical activities in the field of mechanical engineering, based on the papers presented at the 4th International Conference of Mechanical Engineering (ICOME 2017, October 11-12, 2017, Craiova, Romania).


编辑: Dr. Noppakun Sanpo, Dr. Jirasak Tharajak and Dr. Paisan Kanthang
上线时间: March 2018
描述: This volume of the journal contains papers collected by results of the 8th RMUTP International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development: Challenges towards the Digital Society 2017 (8th RMUTP ICON SCi-2017, June 22-23, 2017, Bangkok, Thailand) organized by Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon. We hope that the presented results of engineering researches and solutions in the various branches of the modern production will be useful for many engineers and researchers.


编辑: Prof. Dong Keon Kim
上线时间: February 2018
描述: This book is collected from the scientific articles which were presented at the 3rd international conference on Civil, Architectural, Structural and Constructional Engineering (ICCASCE 2017, Seoul, South Korea, July 14-16, 2017). We hope that presented results of the scientific and engineering research and solutions will be interesting and useful for many specialists from the area of architecture and construction.


编辑: Dr. P. Nageswara Rao, Dr. R. Kotaiah and Dr. D. Venkateswarlu
上线时间: February 2018
描述: This volume was collected by results of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials, Mechanical and Civil Engineering (ICRAMMCE-2017, 1-2nd June, 2017, Hyderabad, India) and presents readers with the results of recent researches and achievements in the fields of the structural materials, technologies of materials processing, building materials and technologies in the construction, applied mechanics and practice of design in the mechanical engineering. We hope that this collection will be useful for many specialists from area of mechanical engineering and construction.