Application of Web-Based Intelligent Agent Tutoring Learning System



This document applied the intelligent agent technology into web-based education platform, which make web-based education more humanized, get further popularization and widely used. In the article, we introduced a web-based intelligent tutoring learning system. It could flexibly organize learning materials according his individual requirement providing personalized learning environment. The idea the based theory learning contents organization the key technology, system structure and how to realized it are all be dissertated. The web-base education has become a research focus; answer system on-line is an important part of it. In this paper, we introduce the concept and characteristics of Intelligent Agent technology, and propose a design plan about Intelligent Agent based answer system on-line.




Qi Luo




W. Qiu, "Application of Web-Based Intelligent Agent Tutoring Learning System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 20-23, pp. 1078-1083, 2010


January 2010





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