Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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作者: Li Li, Ye Yuan
摘要: Most of IDS(Intrusion Detection System) are very particular about data source which might be asked to be categorical data or need to be correctly labeled. Therefore, the data preprocessing is an indispensable part in intrusion detecting. KDD Cpu 1999 Dataset is usually used for experimental data. This paper briefly introduces the features and the structure of the KDD Cpu 1999 Dataset and presents the method of the data preprocessing at Intrusion Detection System based on the neural network clustering’s algorithm.
作者: Gang Yong Lin, Sheng Hui Dai, Shan Long Ma
摘要: The increasing use of wireless communications in mobile devices starts a new level of resource management. Users with mobile devices accessing wireless hot spots are a commonplace, and, thus, their management is becoming more important. Therefore, efficient utilization of radio resource becomes a key point in the design of broadband systems. From the view of the development of radio resource management, current technologies have quite good performance and high efficiency when the category of service is single. However, when multiple services take place simultaneously, the system has to emphasize on some certain kinds of services and degrade the performance of others. Moreover, the wireless network is not able to detect collision and monitor the channel status as is the wire line network, which makes it more difficult to design the management scheme. This paper introduces and analyzes current main technologies of radio resource management, discusses the key technical points on designing the scheme, and then offers a new proposal of uplink radio resource allocation scheme in broadband systems. Based on the detailed illustration of the algorithm, a simulation system is established to verify it, which is adapted to the typical situation of broadband wireless communication systems. The theory analysis and the simulation results show that the new method successfully resolves the uplink bandwidth allocation problem for the simultaneous multiple services, satisfies the different requirements of delay and bandwidth of different services, and also reduces the protocol wasting and transmission delay.
作者: Wen Ya Tian, Zhu Jun Xu
摘要: Many methods have been used such as UDDI and DWS to discovery requested web services. But they are just a kind of simple syntax match based on keywords and have a low ratio and precision. This paper proposes A Semantic Web Service Discovery Method Based on Ontology. It uses tree-form data structure to describe the web services and give all the nodes a weight value by certain strategy, then compute the semantic similarity between the web services requested and the services registered. To validate the feasibility and effectiveness of the algorithm, we construct a self-developed prototype system to show how well it works. The experiments prove that this algorithm has high recall and precision than other methods.
作者: Cheng Fa Xu, Jun Ling Wang, Rong Gang Wu
摘要: In order to meet multi-channel, high data rate, intensive computing capacity of modern radar signal processing, a standard, scalable, high-performance general-purpose radar signal processing system platform is proposed. The main processor of this system platform is the DSP and FPGA. In the analysis of different kinds of radar signal processing algorithm, and taking into account the respective advantages and disadvantages of DSP and FPGA, In this paper, a software architecture method for radar signal processing is given to decide how to distribute different algorithm into DSP and FPGA. At last, for a certain type of circular array radar, an implementation of radar signal processing by using the general-purpose radar signal processing system platform is proposed.
作者: Sheng Hui Dai, Gang Yong Lin, Hong Zhen Xu, Liang Qing Zhang
摘要: On the basis of the shortage on traditional workflow management system, a workflow management system framework integrated with Web Services is put forward in this paper. By discussing the application practice on Web Services and workflow management technology in logistics system, which shows that this scheme can perform integration on many enterprises.
作者: Ting Mei Wang, Ge Chen, Hui Guan
摘要: This paper presents an efficient algorithm filling Images with complicated closed edges through analyzing and comparing several frequent filling algorithms for image. The filling algorithm, like algorithm of scan line filling, doesn’t use seed points, but has as good result as using seed points to fill. The algorithm is simple and feasible by testing, and can fill images with complicated close edges quickly and effectively.
作者: Rong Cheng
摘要: A transformation technology for part model to blank model based on feature mapping of turbine blade was prompted to improve the design efficiency of investment casting mold. The definition, feature presentation and feature mapping theory were researched. The feature and the geometry structure of turbine blade’s part mold, blank model and cavity mold were analyzed, and the feature mapping technology was prompted. At last, a mold transformation system was developed based on UG. Experiment result shows that with the help of this system, designers can improve design efficiency of investment casting mold of turbine blade.
作者: Bao Liang Hu
摘要: According to the ways of information systems(IS) to support business strategy, this paper proposes three dimensions of IS strategy fitting for organizations in China with theoretically deductive method, and they are respectively business action support dimension, business decision support dimension and network embeddedness support dimension. Then, the paper confirms this dimensional construct based on exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis.
作者: Jun Chu, Man Tun Gao, Gui Mei Zhang, Rui Na Feng
摘要: Based on iterative technique, a novel optimization approach for reconstruction a planar object from a perspective line drawing is proposed. Some constraint relationships between edges of a planar object are deduced and formulated as a linear system. The planar object can be recovered by solving the linear system. If the line drawing is a practical line drawing, the recovered planar object will be re-projected onto the projective plane. And then the parameters of the projection will be weighed with those of the corresponding line in original line drawing. The new linear system can be achieved by substituting the weighted parameters into the original linear system and solved again. This procedure is iterated until the value of an object function is smaller than the threshold predefined. Experiment results show that in addition to the ideal line drawing, the proposed algorithm can be applied to the practical line drawing.
作者: Cheng Dong Lu, Qin Wei Li
摘要: This paper introduced security threaten and familiar vulnerability in Ad Hoc networks, described security requirements for Ad Hoc routing, and for the most important, it improved an authenticated routing protocol. In this protocol, its routing messages were signed by node’s private key, thus then successfully defeated many kinds of attacks. However, there are some limitations. This paper provides a matter to improve it with higher transmission ratio and better security.