The Study and Realization of Energy-Aware Routing Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Networks



Based on the analysis of routing algorithm of typical wireless sensor networks, the author puts forward with the objectives of routing algorithm and designs energy-aware routing algorithm to reduce energy consumption and extend life cycle of the whole network. The algorithm constitutes four modules: clustering module, dynamic cluster head election module, dormant state module and inter-cluster routing module. Aiming at effectively using the energy of sensor nodes, the paper makes use of honeycomb-like two-level clustering structure to increase coverage rate of nodes. Also, studies of routing are discussed on the two aspects, being the inter-clustering dynamic cluster head election and introduction of dormant mechanism, and secondly, the inter-clustering reliable routing.The routing algorithm has its prototype realized and effectively verified on the test bed provided by the laboratory.




Guofu Li and Valery Ya. Shchukin




H. Y. Hu and Y. Q. Zhang, "The Study and Realization of Energy-Aware Routing Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Networks", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 201-202, pp. 767-772, 2012


October 2012




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