Control System of Tension Test for Spring Fan Wheel Assembly



This design is a basic method for testing spring fan wheel assembly and steel cable tension control system. PLC is used as logic control core. Stepping motor and magnetic powder braker is used as an executive element. The constant tension control of the running process of the system is completed. The fuzzy control process of PID system includes two parts of tension loading and damping loading. The method of modular software is used to make the program structure clear.




Laijiu Zheng, Shin-ichi Kuroda, Huawu Liu, Bing Du, Ju Wei and Yuping Zhao




K. Q. Wang et al., "Control System of Tension Test for Spring Fan Wheel Assembly", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 423-426, pp. 2805-2808, 2013


September 2013




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