Preparation of Activated Carbon from Waste Particle Board by K2CO3 Activation Treatment



Activated carbons were prepared from waste particle board (WPB) by K2CO3 activation. The effects of different parameters, such as chemical/WPB ratio, activation time and activation temperature on yield, the methylene blue adsorption, Iodine number of activated carbon were investigated. The optimum conditions were determined by the method of factor analysis and the orthogonal design as follows: activation temperature 900°C, K2CO3 (50% concentration)/ WPB 4.0, activation time 60 min. Amount of methylene blue adsorption, Iodine number, phenol adsorption, BET surface area and the yield of activated carbon prepared under optimum conditions were 82.5mg/g, 1234mg/g, 185mg/g, 1026m2/g and 30.4%, respectively.




Ran Chen






W. Yu et al., "Preparation of Activated Carbon from Waste Particle Board by K2CO3 Activation Treatment", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 44-47, pp. 2562-2568, 2011


December 2010




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