Research on Contact Deformation Experiments in Stiffness Measurement of Spring Tubes



Contact deformation experiments in stiffness measurement of spring tubes are studied in this paper. Firstly, Herzian catact theory, Person method and one numerical method are proposed to solve the contact problem based on the character of the contact in spring tube stiffness measurement. Secondly, the normalized pressure profiles and the relationship between non-dimensionalized contact pressure and contact angle are taken to study three contact theories. Lastly, it’s proved by some error compensation experiments that Persson method and the Numerical method are more conformable to solve closely conformal problem.




Ran Chen






Y. F. Li et al., "Research on Contact Deformation Experiments in Stiffness Measurement of Spring Tubes", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 44-47, pp. 3818-3822, 2011


December 2010




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