Advances in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: M.H. Norhidayah, Arep Ariff Hambali, Mohd Yuhazri bin Yaakob, M. Zolkarnain, Taufik, H.Y. Saifuddin

摘要: Nowadays, natural fiber is an interesting option and it is the most widely applied fiber in composite technology. The natural fibers are used in...

作者: A. R. Najihah, A.A. Nuraini, Othman Inayatullah

摘要: A zero dimensional thermodynamic model simulation is developed to simulate the combustion characteristics and performance of a four stroke...

作者: Mohd Nizam Ahmad, Awanis Ihsanul Kamil, Wan Mansor Wan Muhamad

摘要: Nowadays, weight reduction is great opportunity for automotive components design due to meet the structural strength without reducing the...

作者: R. Serap, Nor Mariah Adam, B.T. Hang Tuah bin Baharudin, A.R. Ramli

摘要: This study is concerned with evaluating the seaworthiness of ferry services between Labuan and Mainland (Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei) Labuan provides...

作者: M.K.A.M. Ariffin, T. Yee Lee, Saiful Bahri Mohamed

摘要: Remote controlled cars currently in the market only offer one transmission mode. They are less efficient in acceleration while the torque cannot...

作者: M. Ghazali Kamardan, Ahmad Mujahid Ahmad Zaidi, Z. Fitri Z. Abidin, M. Noh Dalimin, Othman Mohd Zaid

摘要: The effects of geometrical shapes are believed to play significant role in the deformation of metal foams under impact loading. This research was...

作者: M.S. Salwani, B.B. Barkawi, A. Ali, A.A. Nuraini

摘要: This study analyzed the crash performance of partially filled column in comparison to an empty and fully filled side member. Crash simulation is...

作者: Atthapol Seedam, Piyanath Jaisuk, Piyoro Jirawattana, Thana Radpukdee

摘要: Rising fuel costs increase the importance of CVT powertrains in the automotive industry. Their benefit is that they allow an engine to operate at...

作者: Swee Kei Lee, Nawal Aswan Abdul Jalil

摘要: The paper presents a literature review of the efficacy of side passive safety in the event of lateral collision and the latest development of side...