Design of Streaming Media Cluster Server Based on MPI



In recent years, cluster technology is used more wildly. In this paper, we present a new method to implement a streaming media cluster server. The server is constructed on a high performance cluster which consists of one control node, one storage node and 8 computing nodes. We wrote a parallel program with MPI which run on the cluster. The organization of MPI program is a master-slave scheme. The master interacted with users and scheduled task within slaves. Slaves called streaming media server which sent data directly to user. This can improve the system performance significantly. We can also guarantee the transparence of the service by single access point named IP Tunneling. The system was implemented under Linux platform and tested through simulation testing method. From the testing results, it can be confirmed that the whole system is well designed which achieves high performance, good robustness and high scalability.




Helen Zhang and David Jin




Q. Xiong et al., "Design of Streaming Media Cluster Server Based on MPI", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 63-64, pp. 643-646, 2011


June 2011




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