Advances in Experimental Mechanics V


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: David Nowell

摘要: Fatigue crack closure is an important phenomenon which needs to be taken into account in the development of models for crack propagation. This...

作者: Andrew H. Sherry

摘要: This paper provides an overview of four key challenges for structural integrity assessment methods: surface technology and incubation /...

作者: E.E. Gdoutos

摘要: A thorough investigation of the failure mechanisms of composite sandwich beams under four- and three-point bending and cantilever beams was...

作者: Andrew Morris, John P. Dear, Miltiadis Kourmpetis, Chris Maharaj, Amit Puri, Alexander D. Fergusson

摘要: Cost effective and reliable operation of a power station plant and achieving low carbon dioxide emissions can be very dependent on maintenance...

作者: D. Houghton, P.M. Wavish, Edward J. Williams, Sean B. Leen

摘要: This paper investigates the comparison of the measured and predicted force-displacement loops of a multiaxial representative fretting fatigue...

作者: Ciro Santus, L. Bertini, M. Beghini

摘要: The present paper proposes a new test rig to perform fretting fatigue tests on a shrinkfitted shaft assembly. A shrink-fitted shaft is put under...

作者: Jian Fang

摘要: The materials response of a laser beam welded joint from hot rolled DP600 steel plate to the dynamic loading has been experimentally studied by...