Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

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作者: Yong Wang, Guang Bin Li, Liang Jiang
摘要: Based on Habermas’s theory of the life-world, this paper attempts to examine the recent government’s policies to construct rural markets and countryside living form and to conduct an in-depth analysis of the crisis that is facing the rural life-world within these two dimensions. The paper questions the rationality of the government actions in new countryside construction of Southern Jiangsu. It is contended that excessive government intervention with the systematic lack of democracy and freedom will lead to multiple crises of rural life world and eventually cause the system to colonize the rural life world.
作者: Yi Zhong Zhang, Chao Yan
摘要: For the construction of a building was insulated and energy efficient effect, zhengzhou have evaluated the building, construction and the flat roofs structure raging indicators and energy conservation of heat transfer is far below the effect of the relevant provisions. In the heat of the environment, the building runs high energy consumption, raise the roof insulating structure of the insulator, "flat" to "slope" and adopt a ceiling on the roof insulating materials of energy conservation measures for reforming and feasibility of energy conservation raging technical analysis.
作者: Yan Xu, Zhen Shun Liu, Wen Zhao, Xiao Yan Feng
摘要: Taking Shenyang metro line 2 concentrated in digging deep foundation pit on Beiling station entrance arch bridge abutment in TaiShan road for engineering background, using numerical analysis software "MIDAS" - GTS the article simulates construction step and sequence, then analysis deformation low and stress characteristics of palisade structure, at the same time, it predicts displacement trend about arch bridge abutment, so that it could get the simplified results between abutment foundation and horizontal thrust retaining piles together with change rule of earth pressure along depth and construction process. There is certain significance for this article to other similar engineering research.
作者: Sheng Cai Li, Hong Yan Zhou, Yong Qian
摘要: There are problems of resource allocation and integrating technology with building when utilizing solar energy in a high-rise residential building. In this paper, a new 34-storey residential building with solar energy design is taken for example to probe new ways for solar collectors, energy saving and distribution system. A new system is designed to solve the following problems: inadequate roof area for collecting solar energy, energy loss by long-distance heat transporting, and defacing building appearance by setting solar energy facilities on building surface. And to archive the aim of suitably using solar energy, the integration of solar energy facilities with building facade is also discussed.
作者: De Ping Ge
摘要: With the rapid economic development in China, the number of residential building has increased rapidly. Thus the high energy consumption and high pollution is also horrifying. As to the global energy crisis and ecological imbalance, this article mainly focuses on the design of green residential houses including the necessities, ideas and methods based on the ecological concepts.
作者: Rui Hong Wang, Yu Zhou Jiang, Min Zhu, Yu Wang
摘要: Based on the results of triaxial unloading tests,the stress-strain characteristics and failure characteristics of rock mass have been discussed. Considering unloading degree as an important parameter,an elastic-brittle-plastic mechanical model has been established according to the unloading stress condition,which considers that unloading yield function varies linearly between Griffith with Hoek-Brown criterion after rock mass receives plastic deformation caused by unloading. Taking jinshajiang excavation slope of a hydropower station as engineering background, the three-dimensional continua fast Lagrangian analysis software FLAC3D is employed in the slope stability analysis under the excavation, and the distribution characteristics of the slop deformation is studied.
作者: Li Ming Wu, Zi Jian Wang
摘要: The building sets up reservoir slope, in order to avoid mass of excavation and fill geotechnical Engineering,according to the change of slope angle, pile foundation is generally made into different height. the foundation of building is Considered apart from Superstructure in general design. in the normal loading condition to satisfy coordination between bearing capacity and strain. But accidental loading is acted to the type of construct whether satisfy up,the strain of lower part structure moderate and is then canned not know by force condition. According to this, with some library coast of the 5 F frame stake foundation for instance, adopted FEM software ANSYS to analyze to carry to act in the earthquake force, pile foundation -soil- Superstructure common coupling action and general design, while carry on internal force and strain result under two kinds of conditions of contrast analysis. While analyzing a result to express the type of building structure to design should well in consideration of the stake and soil, lower part structure thus makes design for effecting upside structure more safety reasonable.
作者: Chao Zhu, Cong Jiao Zhang, Cai Ping Wu, Yuan Fa Li
摘要: In the drastic change rate movable-bed model test, it has been concerned about how to ensure similar discharge of the flood diversion gate. Six models with variable rates 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 13.3 separately have been chosen to compare their different discharges and to analyze the impact of the change rate on the discharge capacity. The results showed that: when their water heads were same, There were no obvious rules between the flow coefficients of the five distorted models and the variation rates, but when compared to the flow coefficient of the normal model, the former were on the higher side; when their water heads were different, the distorted models’ flow rate increased with the variation rate, and when the rate of change came to 5, the flow increasing value tended to stable and close to 20%.
作者: Chao Zhu, Cong Jiao Zhang, Yan Fen Ren, Guo Ying Wu
摘要: The Yellow River delta model selected Pseudochark as model sand, it is new-style model sand with steady physical chemistry performance and moderate unit weight. By applying flume experiments,the resistance characteristic, sand-carrying ability, initial velocity etc. of Pseudochark are analyzed, which provids data reference to design the Yellow River Delta Model.
作者: Jin Xing Lai, Chi Liu, Cheng Bing Gong
摘要: The frequency of worldwide disastrous weather is intensified by the global climate warming. The disastrous weather such as freezing rain and snow is extremely disadvantageous to the vehicle performance and safety. This paper summarizes and classifies the current snowmelt deicing methods at home and abroad; emphatically proposes the trend of future active development for snowmelt technology and introduces the snowmelt deicing technology of electric heat tracing, which is the competed developing new technology in the countries of cold region acting as one of the snow removal measures in winter cold regions. The electro-thermal snowmelt deicing technology involves relatively wider field of knowledge, whose research and development are also increasingly connected with the development of other technologies. This paper reviews the development history of electro-thermal snowmelt deicing technology and summarizes the main research condition of domestic electro-thermal snowmelt deicing technology in the last few years, furthermore looks forward the development and application prospect of electro-thermal snowmelt deicing technology by brief description of the current research situation.