Energy Efficiency in Strategy of Sustainable Production III


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Ralf Böhm, Martin Paulsburg, Tim Hamann, Jörg Franke

摘要: Adherance of power quality standards is crucial for electricity network operation and bothindustrial and private customers. However, the...

作者: Niklas Ebell, Andre Bott, Tobias Beck, Johannes Bürner, Julian Praß, Jörg Franke

摘要: In the field of energy supply for residential and commercial buildings, the optimal operation,system configuration and sizing of generation as...

作者: Ralf Böhm, Florens Wurmer, Theresa Schreiner, Yue Zhang, Jörg Franke

摘要: Compressed air systems (CAS) on industrial plants consist of air compressors, compressed air reservoirs, compressed air lines and auxillaries as...

作者: Ralf Böhm, Cenk Oezkurt, Florian Diehm, Heiko Schnieders, Jörg Franke

摘要: In industrial companies, production orders are distributed to production equipment using tools of production planning and scheduling (PPS). Main...

作者: Elisabeth Zizler, Matthias Wenk, Benedikt Bräutigam

摘要: This paper presents a method to support the development of energy management concepts for machine and plant construction. The energy management...

作者: Christian Sand, Florian Renz, Akin Cüneyt Aslanpinar, Jörg Franke

摘要: Modern large-scale assembly lines need to deliver a highly varied and flexible output, while achieving 0 ppm scrap. This is becoming more and...

作者: Christian Sand, Stephanie Kawan, Tobias Lechler, Manuel Neher, Daniel Schweigert, Jörg Franke

摘要: Conventional serial and workshop productions use specific parameter ranges to evaluate the quality of a process. Our research showed that...

作者: Christian Sand, Dominik Manke, Jörg Franke

摘要: The advance of digitalization changes the requirements of processes in industrial production and assembly. For this reason, production and...

作者: Markus Brandmeier, Matthias Brossog, Jörg Franke

摘要: Energy efficiency is a critical competitive factor. Transparency of energy consumption is the key for increasing efficiency of production. For...