Advanced Materials Research

ISSN: 1662-8985


编辑: Dr. Stanislav Kolisnychenko
上线时间: November 2018
描述: This volume of the journal "Advanced Materials Research" is collected from peer-reviewed stand-alone papers describing the results of research and engineering solutions dealing with actual problems in area of materials science and materials processing technologies. Published articles will be useful for professionals in the various branches of engineering and for students and academic staff concerned with the related specialties.


编辑: Dr. Santina Di Salvo
上线时间: August 2018
描述: The volume "Adaptive Materials Research for Architecture" is a Special Issue of the journal "Advanced Material Research". The goal of this volume is to spread knowledge on studies, analyses and results of scientific research carried out from academics, researchers, and scientists regarding the soundest issues related to smart materials, innovative technologies and ongoing researches in the field of adaptive materials in past and current architectural practice.


编辑: Swami Naidu Gurugubelli and K Siva Prasad
上线时间: June 2018
描述: Articles, collected in this volume, present the results of research in the fields of modern structural materials and technologies of their machining. The collection was created by results of the International Conference on Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes (ICAMMP 18).


编辑: Prof. Mosbeh Kaloop
上线时间: May 2018
描述: This book was compiled by results of the International Symposium on Advanced Materials and Application (ISAMA 2018, Seoul, South Korea, January 19-21, 2018) that was a high-standard international forum to discuss the recent advances and novel practical techniques in the field of materials science and applied engineering for the modern production.


编辑: Nicușor Alin Sîrbu and Aurel Valentin Bîrdeanu
上线时间: April 2018
描述: This volume includes the selected papers presented at the 12th International Conference: Structural Integrity of Welded Structures (ISCS 17, Timişoara, Romania, November 9 - 10, 2017) and is focused on the actual problems of structural integrity, application of the welded technologies and welded structures and advanced structural materials in the modern mechanical engineering.


编辑: Iman Mansouri, Mohaned Eldessouki and Wasim M.K. Helal
上线时间: March 2018
描述: This book contains the papers presented at The 3rd International Conference on Advanced Material and Engineering Structural Technology (ICAMEST 2017, Nanjing, China, November 17-19, 2017). The main goal of Conference was to provide an international forum where researchers and practitioners can be updated on the most recent materials engineering, with the special reference to innovation in applications of materials, concepts and new trends in modeling and design of the engineering structures.


编辑: Pavel Padevět
上线时间: March 2017
描述: This book was collected by results of the 7th International Conference on Nano and Macro Mechanics 2016 (NMM 2016) which was hold of September 22, 2016, Prague, Czech Republic and devoted to contemporary analytical, numerical and experimental methods in mechanics for design and research in area of present-day construction and of materials for building.


编辑: Viorica Mușat, Prof. Florentina Potecasu, Tamara Radu and Gheorghe Gurau
上线时间: February 2017

The aim of 7th Conference on Material Science and Engineering (UgalMat 2016, Galati, May 19 - 21, 2016, Romania) was to create an organized process for exchange of ideas, expertise and cutting edge information among specialists from universities, research groups, designers and engineers in the fields of elaboration, processing and applications of conventional and advanced materials.


编辑: Qingsong Mei
上线时间: January 2017
描述: This book collected from papers which were presented on International Conference on Advanced Material Research and Application (AMRA2016, 13-14 August, Guilin, China). The goal of this conference was the presentation of last researches and solutions in the field of materials science including, alloy materials, polymers, composite materials, nanomaterials, structural materials, synthesis and processing technologies.


编辑: A.C. Sharma, Prasanna. S. Ghalsasi and Prafulla. K. Jha
上线时间: August 2016

The proceedings of the National conference on science of materials (NCSM2015, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara, India, 28-30 December, 2015) consists from science peer reviewed articles covering a wide range of basic and applied aspects of the material’s research. The proceedings depict a multidisciplinary nature of presented papers from many areas of modern materials: condensed matter and material physics, chemistry, biological science and modeling.