Development and Application of Process Control System to the Pilot Hot Rolling Mill



Pilot hot rolling mill is developed with perfect measuring devices and automation system. The hot rolling experimental studies of the plate and strip can be done on this mill. Automation system for this pilot mill is composed with Basic Automation System (BAS), Process Control System (PCS) and Human Machine Interface system (HMI). PC server is used as the PCS hardware, and Microsoft software is used as the operation system and developing software. With the coordination of the functions such as date communication, process tracking, data management, and model calculation, the PCS software function is realized. The effect on the model calculation accuracy with the pilot mill using condition was analyzed. This pilot hot rolling mill gets a lot of application. The practical application shows that the PCS’s setup has a high precision.




Zhengyi Jiang and Xianghua Liu




Z. J. Jiao et al., "Development and Application of Process Control System to the Pilot Hot Rolling Mill", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1095, pp. 717-721, 2015


March 2015




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