2016 International Conference on Advanced Material Research and Application


doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.1142

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作者: Bo Cheng, Yun Kai Li, Gui Qin Hou

摘要: Empirical Electron Theory in Solids and Molecules (EET) was used to analyze the valence electron structure of ZrTiHfVNb, ZrTiHfVTa and ZrTiHfNbMo...

作者: Ahmed Al Mehrzi, Yong Sun Yi, Pyung Yeon Cho, Sara Al Saadi, Ji Sung Lee, Daniel S. Choi

摘要: Water droplets formed by the deliquescence of pre-deposited NaCl on 316L stainless steel were investigated. Different total weights of NaCl...

作者: Shi Qian Zhao, Lei Ma, Liang Zhou, Tao Liu, Yong Bin Guo

摘要: The crystal structure of GdFeMn alloy has been investigated by using X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) followed by Rietveld refinement technique,...

作者: Chen Yang, Xi Xi Cui, Zhen Bo Zhao, Gao Hua, Cheng Liu

摘要: In this investigation, the characteristics of bulky retained austenite in an austempered ductile iron are evaluated in two tempered conditions....

作者: Jin Hui Du, Xu Dong Lu, Qun Deng

摘要: IN718 alloy possesses excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures, good process ability, therefore, it has been widely used in aero...

作者: De Weng Tang, Wen Ming Zhang, Rui Lan Zhao, Xi Jian Lv

摘要: To improve medical pure magnesium corrosion and wear resistance, the advanced plasma implantation technology were used to implanted medical pure...

作者: Yue Dong, Xin Lin Yan, Zhao Hui Tang, Xue Yong Ding, Xu Dong Sun, S. Paschen

摘要: Type-I clathrates have been considered as very promising thermoelectric (TE) materials thus attracting attention widely. Here we report new...

作者: Shi Dong Lin, Xiao Long Chen, Jiang Wang, Chao Fan Zhu, Mao Hua Rong, Guang Hui Rao, Huai Ying Zhou

摘要: In this work, crystal structure, magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect of Nd0.7Gd0.3Mn2Si2...

作者: Xiao Ling Xu, Gang Cheng, Yu Song Du, Lin Li, Jian Jun Huo

摘要: In this work, the effects of substitution of Nd by Gd on the magnetic properties of Nd-Fe-B magnets were investigated. The results demonstrate...