Modern Methods of Experimental and Computational Investigations in Area of Construction II


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Jiří Celler, Jakub Dolejs, Vera Hlavata

摘要: Timber elements with an I-shaped cross-section are used as supporting elements in wall, ceiling and roof panels of light timber frames. The...

作者: Lukáš Hlubocký, Zdeněk Prošek

摘要: This paper deals with the use of waste materials from processing of stone in the construction industry. The tested mixtures consisted of Portland...

作者: Vladimír Hrbek, Veronika Petranova, Jiri Nemecek

摘要: The early stage development of the cement microstructure is a crucial aspect affecting the overall performance of cementitious materials. The...

作者: Jaromír Hrůza, Jaroslav Topič, Zdeněk Prošek

摘要: This article deals with the usage of recycled concrete, which arises from the demolition of concrete structures. The work is focused on the...

作者: Miloš Huttner, Petr Fajman, Jiří Maca

摘要: This paper is concerned with the selected aspects, which are discovered during a design stage of cable and membrane structures, known as...

作者: Aneta Maroušková

摘要: Numerical analysis of masonry structures is a complex task requiring deep knowledges about the problematics. This paper deals with concentrically...

作者: Barbora Mužíková, Pavel Padevět, Petr Bittnar, Jakub Antoš

摘要: This paper is focused on testing in mode II. In this article there is presented the double-edge notched specimen based on the theory of the...

作者: Tereza Otcovska, Pavel Padevět

摘要: Clay is a traditional construction material which has got to background with introduction of modern materials to building practice. There is not...

作者: Zdeněk Prošek, Karel Šeps, Jaroslav Topič

摘要: This article was focused on the influence of the micronized waste marble powder on mechanical properties of cement pastes. Resulting blended...