The Investigation of Ultrahigh Pressuer Sintering of Cubic Boron Nitride with the Binding Agent of Si3N4



Selecting Si3N4 as binding agent and Al2O3–Al–Y2O3 as sintering additives, the sintered compact of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PcBN) was studied . By modifying the ratio of each component and the parameters of the sintering process, the compact sintered at 4.5 GPa and 1650 °C showed good mechanical properties.The phase constitution, microstructure of the sintered compact were characterized by XRD and SEM respectively. The degree of phase transformation of Si3N4 , the chemical reaction during the sintering process, and the sintering mechanism of the additives were discussed . The best relative density is more than 97 % , the flexural strength is more than 650 MPa, the Vickers hardness Hv is more than 8.7 GPa.




Jinglong Bu, Zhengyi Jiang and Sihai Jiao




S. J. Lin et al., "The Investigation of Ultrahigh Pressuer Sintering of Cubic Boron Nitride with the Binding Agent of Si3N4", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 150-151, pp. 1191-1194, 2011


October 2010




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