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作者: Xiao Gang Qiu

摘要: The stamping process of the tailor welded blank(TWB) was simulated by the software of DYNAFORM. The finite element model of a boxy part was...

作者: Yan Jin, Zhi Bing Tian

摘要: Because the dynamic soft reduction of continuous casting process is based on the computation of the solidification end point, using model to...

作者: Bai Xiong Liu, Li Na Zhang

摘要: Effect of bismuth on the microstructure and performance of Cu-Se-Bi brass were studied. The microstructure analysis and fracture observation...

作者: Ying Zhou, Gui Qing Wang

摘要: The age hardening process for permanent mold samples of Al-7Si-0.3Mg cast alloy has been investigated by hardness measurement, differential...

作者: Zhi Ming Zhou, Bin Bin Lei, Li Wen Tang, Tao Zhou, Yang Hu, Min Min Cao

摘要: The numerical simulation model of rapid solidification splat-quenching CuCr25 alloys was built in this paper. The vacuum chamber, cooling cooper...

作者: Han Wu Liu, Nan Li, Qiao Nan Tian, De Chao Dong

摘要: As an important aeronautical assembly materials, such as aeronautical gas turbine and turbine plate et al, K4169 alloy has enough high ability of...

作者: Jun Cong Wei, Jun Bo Tu

摘要: Based on the Al-O-N phase stable diagram and adopting inverse reaction sintering process, corundum-silicon nitride composite refractories were...

作者: Bin Wang, Ming Li Sun, Jing De Chen, Yong Bin Wei

摘要: The effects of pulsed magnetic field on the solidified structure of pure Mg were investigated. Fine uniform equiaxed grains are acquired in the...

作者: Liu Jie Xu, Guo Shang Zhang, Ji Wen Li, Zhan Wu Dong, Shi Zhong Wei

摘要: In recent years, high chromium cast irons have been widely applied in many fields because they have high hardness and abrasion resistance....

作者: Ning An

摘要: Low-chromium cast iron as the matrix, SiC particles as reinforcement, water glass sand in ordinary dry type, no negative pressure conditions, the...