Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm Based on Fast Image Matching



Due to the large amount of calculation and high time-consuming in traditional grayscale matching, this paper combines artificial fish algorithm of swarm intelligence with edge detection and the operation of bitwise exclusive or, and presents a fast method on feature matching. The method regards the problem of image matching as a process of searching the optimal solution. In order to provide artificial fish swarm algorithm with an appropriate fitness function, the operation of bitwise exclusive or and addition is employed to deal with the edge information extracted from the template image and the searching image. Then the best matching position is gradually approaching by swarming, following and other behaviors of artificial fish. Experimental results show that the proposed method not only significantly shortens the matching time and guarantees the matching accuracy, but also is robust to noise disturbance.




Junqiao Xiong




M. Ma et al., "Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm Based on Fast Image Matching", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 271-273, pp. 297-302, 2011


July 2011





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