Product Design and Manufacturing


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作者: Yin Hua Huang, Shi Qi Zhao

摘要: In order to make design for board to achieve the miniaturization, multi-purpose, recycling; and to pursue the energy conservation, saving...

作者: Yong Wang, Wen Jiao Ding, Xiao Meng Xu

摘要: Painting education is one of the main intellectual development forms for early childhood, and the valuable experience in children healthy growth....

作者: Xin Ming Hu

摘要: Taking chairs for example, this article elaborates the difference and relationship between habitual thoughts and extended thoughts. The former is...

作者: Ju Kun Yao, Sheng Zhu, Pei Zhi Cui

摘要: Design for remanufacturing is an important content of remanufacturing engineering, and the remanufacturability of product is mainly determined in...

作者: Hua Qin, Cun Zhi Sun

摘要: A novel beam demagnifier(a cone) is presented based on total internal reflection-refraction principle, and the light propagation characteristics...

作者: Takeo Kato, Suguru Kimura, Yoshiyuki Matsuoka

摘要: Due to increased diversity of user needs and market globalization, use application and environment of the products have diversified. This causes...

作者: Rui Feng Bo

摘要: To implement optimization for mechanical concepts acquired by function analysis more effectively, BP neural network is adopted to structure...

作者: Rong Lin Wang, Jing Long Bu, Zhi Fa Wang, Li Xue Yu

摘要: Influencing effects of additives CaF2, ZrB2 and MoSi2 on sintering performance and oxidation resistance of...

作者: Gang Chen, Xiao Wei Chen, Xiao Xia Pan

摘要: Recently developed bulk metallic glass (BMG) alloys have attractive mechanical properties for structural applications, and tungsten fiber...