Material and Manufacturing Technology II


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Apinya Laohaprapanon, Pongnarin Jeamwatthanachai, Marut Wongcumchang, Nattapon Chantarapanich, Surapon Chantaweroad, Kriskrai Sitthiseripratip, Sirikul Wisutmethangoon

摘要: This study aimed to investigate the stainless steel 316L processing by means of selective laser melting (SLM). The processing parameters under...

作者: Yang Chao

摘要: Harmonics reduces the power factor of power supply system, and thereby reduces the power utilization factor of the power supply system. This paper...

作者: Yang Chao

摘要: The Ultimate goal of property management in intelligent community lies in how to provide efficient and swift service with high quality. With the...

作者: Yan Mei Li, Xiao Kun Qiu, Zhen Zhen Jiang

摘要: In virtue of having some periodicity in space, the fabric weave pattern can be recognized by using computer image process technology. Firstly, the...

作者: Xun Wang, Qi Lin Zhang, Jun Chen, Zhi Xiong Tao, Jun Chen

摘要: Combining with load bearing capacity tests, the laminated glass simply supported on four sides subjected to bending is analyzed using the finite...

作者: Li Jun Meng, Yue Gang Tan, Zu De Zhou

摘要: In order to measure the signals greater than kHz such as vibration, high frequency strain and ultrasonic wave, a high-speed demodulation system...

作者: Abdullah Atiq Arifin, Abu Bakar Sulong

摘要: The capable of structures to absorb large amount energy are great interest in an effort to reduce the impact of collision. In this research, an...

作者: Min Qiang Dai, Sheng Dun Zhao, Xiao Mei Yuan

摘要: The paper introduces the working principle of a logging instrument, and according to the working principle and instrument’s function of two-way...

作者: Lei Fang, Yu Min Zhang, Yuan Yuan Sun

摘要: Unseating prevention devices(UPD) are used to prevent relative great displacement between supper-structure and sub-structure, and to protect the...

作者: Shalini Yadava, B. Chakradharb, Anil Sharmac

摘要: E-waste released from Television colour picture tube manufacturing process is hazardous in nature and its worldwide disposal has become major...