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作者: Wei Dong Liu, Ling Hui Sun, Chun Liu Sun
摘要: The fourteen physical models were filled with oil sand, permeability of 1000 × 10-3μm2, inner diameter of 1.8 cm, length of 80 cm. The experimental temperature is 45 °C. 0.6 PV liquid chemical flooding was injected (weak base, strong base, surfactant, polymer, weak base complex system, strong base complex system), then injection of 2.4 PV water. The concentration of chemical agent was regularly measured. The curve of comparative was designed by the relative concentration of chemical agent vs. production C/C0. The effect of the injection rate vs. a single chemical transport was analyzed in porous media, a single chemical and complex system, and strong base vs. weak base complex system about transport in porous media rule differences. The results showed that the displacement rate affected transport rules in porous media of surfactant, polymer, and strong base. The greater the displacement rate was, the sooner three kinds of chemical agents appeared. The largest the concentration was, the earlier maximum ratio concentration appeared. When the displacement rate was fixed, the maximum ratio concentration for each chemical was greater than that of a single system. For the ASP system, weak base, surfactant and polymer occur chromatography separation. chromatographic separation of strong base system was more evident than the weak base, indicating that the system suitable for weak base ASP flooding.
作者: Tong Liu, Min Shan Liu, Qi Wu Dong
摘要: The physical model and analytical method are put forward for considering the molecular interaction between solid wall and gas fluid when dealing with convective heat transfer in macro/mini/micro channels based on the boundary layer theory concept, the molecular kinetic theory of gases, structural chemistry and continuum hypothesis. The influence rule of wall-fluid intermolecular forces to the transport properties of gases located in boundary layer region is studied applying proposed models. The gas density variation distribution equation including the wall-fluid molecular interaction is derived with continuum media integral approach. The theoretical results show that the fluid diffusion is independent of the wall-fluid interaction but visosity and heat conductivity not. According to the gas molecular density distribution function and molecular dynamics, new formulae were developed for calculating viscidity coefficient and thermal conductivity with wall-fluid interacting effect for a fluid. The research results provide scientific reference for further study and exploitation on fluid flow and heat transfer of mini/micro channels. In addition, the formulae offered in this paper to compute the transport properties of gases are also suitable for fine analysis of boundary layer in macro-scale channels.
作者: Hui Yong Du, Pei Hong Zhang, Jian Xin Liu, Zhan Cheng Wang, Bin Xu
摘要: In this article, the spray wall-impingement experiments were carried out under the common rail condition by image acquisition system to study the wall shape impact on the diesel spray impingement. The results showed that the scatter direction of impinged spray, shape of impinged spray can be changed by the wall shape significantly. With the increasing of injection pressure, spray splash volume relatively increases and atomization is enhanced when the spray impinges on a flat wall; the development of distance along the wall is nose-shape 90 degree > 135 degree.
作者: Chang Wei Jiang, Xian Feng Zhu, Er Shi, Zhen Zhou
摘要: Thermomagnetic convection of air in a porous cubic enclosure with a electric coil inclined around the Y axis is numerically investigated under zerogravity environment. The porous cubic enclosure is heated isothermally from left-hand side vertical wall and cooled isothermally from opposing wall while the other four walls are thermally insulated. The governing equations in primitive variables are discretized by the finite-volume method and solved by the SIMPLE algorithm. The results show that the overall heat transfer is enhanced gradually with the increase of magnetic force number and Darcy number. The resulted convection is symmetrical in terms of the angle at yeuler =0 when the range of inclination angle is from -90 to 90.
作者: Hong Song Zhang, Yuan Wei, Shu Sen Yang
摘要: Effect of substrate conditions, including material type, thickness and radius of substrate, on residual stresses of plasma spraying YSZ / Sm2Zr2O7 TBCs was analyzed through finite element method in this paper. Results show that all residual stresses increse with incresing of thermal expansion coefficient of substrate.Substrate thickness has slight effect on radial residual stress, and it has no effect on axial residual stress and shear stress. Effect of substrate radius on radial stresses can be almost neglected when it is over 18mm. Effect of substrate radius on axial stresses can also be ignored.
作者: Jian Yun Li, Quan Xian Hua, Jun Ling Niu, Jian Wei Tang, Ke Xu
摘要: The adsorption of copper in aqueous solutions by steel slag was studied in batch adsorption experiments. The adsorption equilibrium data fitted best with Langmuir and Freundlich equations. The adsorption was preferential type. A comparison of the kinetics models on the apparent adsorption rate showed that the adsorption system was best described by the pseudo-second-order kinetics. The adsorption rate was controlled by both liquid film diffusion and intraparticle dispersion.
作者: Cai Xia Xu, Hai Rong Tang
摘要: From a molecular perspective, we described the origin of surface tension. Surface tension is exceptionally good at rounding things out, such as bubbles can produce in surfactant solution , also in liquid or vapor-liquid phase transition. Through the experiment of determination of saturated vapor pressure of pure liquids, maybe we can conclude that almost all the bubbles were generated as result of the breakup of the gas-liquid interface.
作者: Hai Qin Wang, Lei Zhang, Yong Wang, De Xuan Li
摘要: The experiments were conducted in a horizontal multiphase flow test loop (50mm inner diameter, 40m long) to investigate the flow of oil/water and the influence of an involved gas phase with low flow rate in horizontal pipes, specifically including oil/water flow patterns, cross-section water holdup and pipe flow pressure gradient. The experimental results indicated that the involved gas with low flow rate had a considerable effect on oil/water flow characteristics, which shows the complexity of gas/oil/water three-phase flow. Thus, this effect could not be ignored in design and operation management of oil/gas gathering and transportation system.
作者: Jia Jia Niu, Lian Cun Zheng, Xin Xin Zhang, Chun Rui Li
摘要: In this paper, a boundary layer analysis is presented for the slip flow of three types of incompressible viscous nanofluids past a permeable wedge in the presence of a magnetic field. Due to the appearance of a slip boundary condition at the surface, local similarity solution of the reduced nonlinear ordinary differential equation is obtained by the HAM coupled with minimizing the square residual error. The effects of pertinent parameters, such as the magnetic parameter, the solid volume fraction of nanoparticles, the slip parameter and the type of nanofluid on the flow, are analyzed and studied in details. It is found that Ag-water has the highest skin friction coefficient at the surface compared with the others.