Model Experimental Study on Stratified Air Distribution with 2D-PIV for High Ceiling Industrial Plant



At present, the research ways of stratified air-conditioning technology mainly have two types, experimental study and numerical simulation. In this paper, a transparent Plexiglas model was designed, of which the size was supposed to be 1/50 of the real scale. PIV technology was innovatively applied into the experiment to measure the air distribution of an industrial plant. Different air supply velocities and different kinds of air supply outlets were taken into account to discuss the influence of them. Results revealed that as the jet velocity increased gradually, the airflow’s stratification effect became more evident. When the aspect ratio changed from 1:2 to 1:8, the diffusion degree in vertical direction increased obviously. In comparison with the rectangular air supply outlet, the circular one had lower decay, longer jet distance and better contractibility. The experimental findings are useful for optimizing the design of air distribution in high ceiling industrial plant.




Hui Li, Yan Feng Liu, Ming Guo, Rui Zhang and Jing Du




J. Shen et al., "Model Experimental Study on Stratified Air Distribution with 2D-PIV for High Ceiling Industrial Plant", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 374-377, pp. 610-617, 2012


October 2011




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