A New Method to Measure the Transmittance of Filter



Based on the theory of Fabry-Perot interference, we analyzed the inherent relationship between single-wavelength and the spectrometry, established the mathematical model of transformation from angular spectrum measurement to spectral measurement,realized the data conversion between angular spectrum measurement and spectrum measurement; build the experimental platform and got the laser's transmittance by changing the incidence angle of the laser, and given the comparison experiment by using spectrophotometer, measured the spectral transmittance of filters. Comparison of the two measurement, the results show that:it is a feasible scheme that the angular spectrum measurement replace spectral measurement for filter transmittance .




Wu Fan




S. J. Wu et al., "A New Method to Measure the Transmittance of Filter", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 383-390, pp. 5309-5314, 2012


November 2011




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