Simulation Analysis of One Electronic Equipment in Plane-Wave Environment



Electromagnetic simulation software FEKO was used to set up the equipment model and plane wave environment. Data showed: distortion took place in the electric field near the centre of equipment, whose main weight direction related to frequency, resonance phenomenon presented at frequency of 700MHz, 800MHz, 900MHz;there was enhancement area of electromagnetic coupling field near the body centre within the equipment, and staff members or the test equipment should avoid this area; the morphism opening had similar laws to electromagnetic energy coupling; there was strong electromagnetic coupling area that appeared within the equipment at frequency of 150MHz;when frequency was smaller than 50MHz, semi-circular form of launching near the openings could be observed, whose regional border was clear, but with the rising of frequency, the regional border faded gradually, and the body surface of package shell within the equipment displayed gradually in the reflection and absorption of the electromagnetic coupling field around; the curve mode of the approximate " hump " appeared in observing the both sides curve of the window, which had reflected the transmission function as the equivalent aerial of the window.




Cai Suo Zhang




P.H. Xie et al., "Simulation Analysis of One Electronic Equipment in Plane-Wave Environment", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 433-440, pp. 2933-2938, 2012


January 2012





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