Electroless Sn Deposition on Magnesium Alloy and Wastewater Treatment



The new process electroless Sn deposition on cast AZ61 was revealed, which employed to AZ61 magnesium alloy automobile parts and could provide high wear-resistant and high hardness. The pretreatment processes before electroless Sn deposition could ensure better adhesion between Sn coating and magnesium alloy. The speed of the Sn deposition increases quickly with increasing the content of composite catalysts in the plating bath. The technology is environment friendly and cannot cause hazard to environment because of absence of nickel and chromate in the whole process. Wastewater treatment technology of electroless Sn bath was investigated as well.




Wenzhe Chen, Xipeng Xu, Pinqiang Dai, Yonglu Chen and Zhengyi Jiang




L. Y. Niu et al., "Electroless Sn Deposition on Magnesium Alloy and Wastewater Treatment", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 472-475, pp. 119-122, 2012


February 2012




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