Transformation Kinetics of α+γ2 to ß in Cu-Al Alloy after Cryogenic Treatment



The transformation temperature and time of α+γ2 to ß in a Cu-Al alloy after cryogenic treatment during heating were measured by DSC, and the transformation activation energy of α+γ2 to ß was also calculated. It is indicated that the Cu-Al alloy with heating rate of 10°C/min, the phase transformation onset and ending temperature is 561.75°C and 582.88°C, respectively, and the phase transformation time is126.6S. The phase transformation activation energy decreases with the increasing volume fraction of their phase transformation.




Liu Feng




M. S. Qi et al., "Transformation Kinetics of α+γ2 to ß in Cu-Al Alloy after Cryogenic Treatment", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 562-564, pp. 200-203, 2012


August 2012




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