Frontiers of Materials, Chemical and Metallurgical Technologies

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作者: Min Li, Li Guang Xiao, Hong Kai Zhao
摘要: The effect of electron beam irradiation on polypropylene (PP), syndiotactic 1,2-polybutadiene (sPB) and their blends were studied. They were irradiated with the doses of 20 kGy, 60 kGy, 80 kGy and 100 kGy. Scanning electron microscopy and mechanical test were carried out to characterize the irradiated samples. When PP/sPB blends were irradiated, a part of PP macroradicals created by irradiation acts either as crosslinking agent making the PP and sPB crosslink or it is grafted onto sPB in the interface, which results in the interfacial adhesion stronger between PP and sPB compared with unirradiated PP/sPB blends. Significant improvement of mechanical properties has been obtained by the addition of sPB in the PP matrix when irradiated. The presence of sPB obviously decreases the PP sensitivity to radiation effects.
作者: Zhen Hai Wei, Meng Shu Wang, Ding Li Zhang
摘要: The macroscopic static analysis of granule system performance in Literature [1] considered the position, direction and scale of the connection between granules in the system and other relevant physical properties. Taylor linear expansion was adopted to analyze the geometric displacement of the connection formed by granules. However, for the more complex granular connection in the form of network, the geometric position of granular connection in the statistical domain is linearly approximated, which may result in considerable calculation errors. In the complex network structure formed by granular connection, the displacement of connectors is discrete and discontinuous. In the presence of certain interactions among granular connections, there is the possibility to form spatial granular chain, with increased heterogeneity of deformation in the statistical domain. The accuracy of analysis will be affected if linear approximation is adopted. Shape parameter-based method proposed in this paper is a more universal method, which considers the influence of both the parameter of geometric location distribution of connectors and structural morphology of networks formed by granules. The core idea of this method is to introduce a corrected shape parameter vector for the non-linear part on the basis of linear approximation, to correct the displacement of connectors in geometric space so that the original linear analysis will better adapt to non-linear problems such as the network of connection formed by granules.
作者: Wen Yuan Jia, Jing Li, Bin He
摘要: Based on wings flutter on flying aircraft in this paper, the authors study the mechanical model of the rectangular symmetric cross-ply composite laminated plates. Frist, the method of multiple scales is employed to obtain the four-dimensional averaged equations of the model. Then, the method of new grading function and multiple Lie brackets is utilized to obtain the hypernormal form (simplest normal form, unique normal form) at cubic of above averaged equations.
作者: Ke Jun Zhu, Shao Hui Yin, Yu Feng Fan, Feng Jun Chen, Jian Wu Yu, Yong Jian Zhu
摘要: Optical glass is widely used as the most important material in optical field in recent years. Glass molding press (GMP) has been employed as a promising technique to manufacture optical components in mass production. Heating time and annealing time are the key factors which influence the production cycle. In this paper, an effective method of improving the heating or the annealing effectiveness is to increase the area exposed to the cooling or hot nitrogen by means of adding slots. In the same condition, four models with different slots were built. Based on the theoretical analysis of glass heating and annealing property in the molding process, finite element simulation was carried out. The results showed that the model with slots may decrease the heating and annealing time.
作者: Jing Xin Zhou, Ti Feng Jiao, Adan Li, Xu Hui Li, Xu Duo Bai
摘要: A series of Schiff bases derivatives with aromatic spacer have been designed and their interfacial phase behaviors and coordination with Cu(II) ions were investigated. It has been found that on the subphase containing Cu(II) ions, all of the Schiff bases can coordinate with Cu(II) in situ in the spreading films, especially for NSB-C16 with the obvious conformational change of alkyl chains. The in situ Cu(II)-coordinated films could be transferred onto solid substrates and subsequently characterized by various spectroscopic methods such as UV-vis and Fourier transform infrared spectra as well as the morphological characterization with atomic force microscopy measurement. Depending on the different groups, these amphiphiles showed different aggregation behaviors in the Langmuir-Blodgett films.
作者: Yan Xia Li, Hai Long Weng, Fu De Wang, Hong Mei Wang, Xian Chang Zhou
摘要: The growth and physical mechanics traits of 14 families made up of Larix and its crossbreeds are selected as the research object of this tractate, which go through genetic variation analysis, differentiation analysis, comprehensive index assessment and selection. Then, I take construction timber as the breeding target, synthetically assess the growth and mechanics traits, and finally discover the superior families of K5, K3, K5×L75-5 and K5×L77-3 that are excellent in both growth and mechanics traits.
作者: Ming Zhao, Pei Xu, Ye Chen
摘要: A series of calcium silicate/rubber composites with different CaSiO3 contents was prepared. micro-morphology, vulcanizing properties and mechanical properties of CaSiO3/rubber were were characterized. It can be observed that mean particle size of CaSiO3 was 2.627 µm. The micro-morphology of particles were honeycomb structure on the particles of CaSiO3. As compared with NR, the least torque enhanced wtih increasing CaSiO3 content. Curing rate reduced with a rise of CaSiO3 content. The tensile strength and the elongation of composites was increased with increasing CaSiO3 content.
作者: Zong Qiang Zeng, Hong Chao Liu, He Ping Yu
摘要: The rice husk ash (RHA) was first modified with epoxidized natural rubber latex (ENRL) and then blended with natural rubber latex (NRL) to prepare NR/RHA composite. The morphological structure, thermal stability and dynamic properties were studied with multiple instruments. FTIR and TGA analysis showed that ENR was grafted onto the surface of RHA. The composite prepared with modified RHA showed better dispersity and reinforcement compared to the composite with unmodified RHA, and the glass-transition temperature tended to be higher.
作者: Jing Xin Zhou, Ti Feng Jiao, Xu Hui Li, Feng Yan Wang
摘要: In order to investigate the supramolecular assembly and interfacial coordination of special amphiphile, two Schiff Base compounds with alkyl chains and different azobenzene substituted groups were designed and synthesized, and their supramolecular assembly and interfacial properties were investigated by spectral and morphological measurements. It was found that the Schiff base compounds can be spread on water surface to form stable monolayer. When on the Cu(II) ions subphase, an in situ coordination can occur for all ligands. In addition, for the coordination process of C16SB-Me-Azo with Cu(II), there are obvious spectral changes for the alkyl chains. For all process, the headgroups in all amphiphiles have predominant effect in regulating the aggregation mode and spectral changes in organized molecular films.
作者: Hong Wei Xing, Xu Wang, Wei Zhang, Jin Hu Wu
摘要: The volume weight, compression properties and water absorption character of slag wool fiberboard were studied with sodium silicate as binder. The results show that: the sodium silicate binder can increase the volume weight of the fiberboard, improve the compression properties and water insulation of fiberboard. At the same time, the microscopic morphology of the slag wool fiberboard were observed through SEM, it can be gotten that the fiber is wrapped by sodium silicate binder, and a layer of effective adhesive films is formed on the fiber surface which makes the slag fiberboard have the higher stability at a high temperature.