Fuzzy Ball Drilling Fluid for CBM in the Ordos Basin of China



Fuzzy ball drilling fluids have been developed in order to effectively control lost circulation during CBM drilling. Depending upon fuzzy balls and colloids in fuzzy balls, the fuzzy ball drilling fluids changed their shapes and properties to completely plug underground heterogeneous seepage channels so as to strengthen the pressure bearing capacity of formations. This paper describes the available features of the fuzzy ball drilling fluid including efficient plugging, good carrying and suspension, formation damage control, compatible weighted by any weighted materials without auxiliary equipment. The fuzzy ball drilling fluids can finish drilling in low pressure natural gas zone, control CBM leakage; control the natural fractures, drilling in different pressures in the same open hole, combination with the air drilling mode, etc. during Ordos CBM drilling. The fuzzy ball drilling fluid will not affect down-hole motors and MWD. The fuzzy ball drilling fluid will be blend simply as conventional water based drilling fluids. The existing CBM drilling equipment can completely meet the fuzzy ball drilling mixing and it is maintained conveniently. The fuzzy ball drilling fluid is the efficient drilling fluid.




Tan Jin




J. F. Wang and J. G. Deng, "Fuzzy Ball Drilling Fluid for CBM in the Ordos Basin of China", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 651, pp. 717-721, 2013


January 2013




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