7th Forum on New Materials - Part D


doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.100

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作者: Giuseppe Cesare Lama, Gennaro Gentile, Pierfrancesco Cerruti, Marino Lavorgna, Veronica Ambrogi, Cosimo Carfagna

摘要: In this contribution, the preparation and characterization of new shape-memory epoxy based nanocomposites filled with modified multiwalled carbon...

作者: Grażyna Bartkowiak, Anna Dąbrowska

摘要: The latest research directions related to the design of protective clothing concern implementation of smart materials, such as shape memory alloys...

作者: Pelagia Glampedaki

摘要: The combination of polyelectrolyte microgel technology with conventional functionalisation methods to activate the surface of polyester textiles...

作者: Bin Hu, Paul Calvert

摘要: Electroluminescence offers a versatile and simple route to printed light sources. A layer of poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly (styrene...

作者: Vincenzo Guarino, Luigi Ambrosio

摘要: In order to mimic natural tissues, a successful strategy is to design bio-inspired materials including controlled morphological and biochemical...

作者: Ki Chun Ng, Andrew P. Hunt, Ping Tan, Horace Billon, Michael F. Ling

摘要: In this paper we present preliminary results of ballistic testing and thermal measurement of a functional structure consisting of phase change...

作者: John L. West, Jun Ren Wang, Antal Jákli

摘要: We report formation of complex responsive fibers consisting of a low molecular weight liquid crystal (LC) core surrounded by a polymer sheath...

作者: Evelyn Lempa, Carsten Graßmann, Maike Rabe, Andreas Kitzig, Edwin Naroska

摘要: Currently electroluminescent devices, operated by alternating current (AC-EL) on film, paper or textile are based on a capacitor with one...

作者: Masaru Ohkubo, Mage Xue, Miki Yamamura, Junichi Kanebako, Lisako Ishigami, Syo Yamaguchi, Takuya Nojima, Hiroko Uchiyama, Naoko Yamazaki

摘要: In a near future, many people will be able to visit and stay in the space hotels easier than now days. In this situation, a novel clothes that fit...