7th Forum on New Materials - Part F


doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.102

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作者: Kazuhiko Ishihara, Wei Xin Chen, Yuuki Inoue

摘要: Photoreactive and cytocompatible polymer nanoparticles for immobilizing and photoinduced releasing proteins were prepared. A water-soluble and...

作者: Liene Pluduma, Edijs Freimanis, Kārlis Gross, Heli Koivuluoto, Kent Algate, David Haynes, Petri Vuoristo

摘要: While considerable work has been done on chemically functionalizing hydroxyapatite, little has been done on tailoring the electrical surface...

作者: Roger Borges, Juliana Marchi

摘要: In this work, the nucleation of bioglasses particles was approached through Dynamic Light Scattering in order to analyze how different synthesis...

作者: Francesco Baino, Sergio Perero, Marta Miola, Monica Ferraris

摘要: Bacterial issues in ophthalmic applications, with particular reference to postoperative infection of ocular implants, cause significant problems...

作者: Esmaiel Jabbari

摘要: Structural organization of articular cartilage is rooted in the arrangement of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) into morphologically distinct zones...

作者: Ji Hun Seo, Mitsuhi Hirata, Sachiro Kakinoki, Tetsuji Yamaoka, Nobuhiko Yui

摘要: The effect of molecular mobility of the supramolecular surfaces on the intracellular signaling pathway and the downstream cell functions were...

作者: Jayasree S. Kanathasan, Varghese Swamy, Uma Devi Palanisamy, Ammu Kutty G.K. Radhakrishnan

摘要: Porous silicon (PSi) with a suite of most desirable biomaterial properties has attracted great attention as a multifunctional nanoplatform for...

作者: Yi Hou, Jin Zhou, Zhen Yu Gao, Xiao Yu Sun, Chun Yan Liu, Di Hua Shangguan, Wen Shang Yang, Ming Yuan Gao

摘要: A protease-activated ratiometric fluorescent probe based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer between a pH-sensitive fluorescent dye and...

作者: Toshio Ogawa, Taiki Ikegaya

摘要: Sound velocities were measured in relaxor single-crystal plates, included in piezoelectric transducers for medical uses, using an ultrasonic...