The behavior of D and H in single crystals of 4N-purity material was investigated by using a time-lag technique and a pressure difference of 500torr. The H diffusion results, at temperatures of 600 to 900K, could be described by:

D (cm2/s) = 6.0 x 10-3 exp[-5.9(kcal/g-atom)/RT]

and the H permeation results, at temperatures of 550 to 900K, could be described by:

P (g-atom/cm s) = 7.6 x 10-7 exp[-16.9(kcal/g-atom)/RT]

The ratio, DH/DD, was equal to 1.16

Y.Ebisuzaki, W.J.Kass, M.O'Keeffe: Journal of Chemical Physics, 1968, 49[8], 3329-32