Local Mechanical Properties


doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.368

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作者: Mária Huráková, Kornel Csach, Jozef Miškuf, Alena Juríková, Štefan Demčák, Václav Ocelík, Jeff T.M. de Hosson

摘要: Nanoindentation experiments were executed on amorphous metallic ribbons made of Fe40Ni40B20,...

作者: Maroš Martinkovič, Peter Pokorný

摘要: Technological processes of machining lead to plastically deformation of workpieces. Therefore it is needful to know influence of machining to...

作者: Eva Schmidová, Utku Kaya, Michal Schmid, Bohumil Culek

摘要: The operational degradation of surface layers due to a rolling contact process was simulated for Hadfield steel by a special testing rig. A...

作者: Jiří Malec, Filip Červinka, Dominik Blažíček, Janne Suoknuuti

摘要: Machined surface of hard steel parts like gears, bearings, camshafts etc. is full of local imperfections which are commonly described in terms of...

作者: Petr Hanus, Eva Schmidová

摘要: The research focuses on elastic-plastic behaviour of welded joints of materials which are commonly used in both constructional practice and the...

作者: Jaroslav Čech, Petr Haušild, Ondřej Kovářík, Marek Škereň

摘要: Actual shape of the diamond spherical indenter of nominal radius 20 μm was investigated in this study. 3D reconstruction was performed by atomic...

作者: Dušan Zíta, Jaroslav Menčík

摘要: This paper shows the results of finite element modelling of contact problems between perfectly rigid body with rough surface and an indenter from...

作者: Saumya Gupta, Veronika Koudelková, Vladimír Hrbek, Jiří Němeček

摘要: Mechanical characterization of individual microstructural phases of hardly deformable magnesium alloys is of crucial importance for the...

作者: Jan Balko, Monika Tatarková, Peter Tatarko

摘要: Zirconium oxide samples were sintered at two different temperatures (1250°C and 1450°C) using SPS method with maximum holding time 10 min. to...

作者: Martin Švec

摘要: The iron aluminides seem to be very perspective materials for high temperature structural application. They have many advantages, but...