Defects and Diffusion Phenomena in Materials for Nuclear Technologies


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Rodolfo A. Pérez

摘要: Diffusion at infinite dilution of U in metals, with particular emphasis in those used in nuclear facilities, is revisited. Early works present...

作者: Ryan Newell, Abhishek Mehta, Young Joo Park, Yong Ho Sohn, Jan Fong Jue, Dennis D. Keiser Jr.

摘要: Monolithic fuel system with U – 10 wt.% Mo (U10Mo) fuel alloy has been developed for the Materials Management and Minimization reactor conversion...

作者: Boris A. Tarasov, Stepan N. Nikitin, Dmitry P. Shornikov, Maria S. Tarasova, Igor I. Konovalov

摘要: Paper presents the results of the growth rate of the interaction layer of uranium-molybdenum dispersed fuel in aluminum matrix and influence of...

作者: Ajay Annamareddy, Jacob Eapen

摘要: UO2 transforms into a superionic conductor at temperatures in excess of 2000 K with oxygen ions becoming mobile and exhibiting...

作者: Masato Kato, Hiroki Nakamura, Masashi Watanabe, Taku Matsumoto, Masahiko Machida

摘要: The basic properties of PuO2x were reviewed, and the equilibrium defects in...

作者: Vladimir I. Tarasov, Pavel V. Polovnikov

摘要: Atomistic simulations of radiation impact due to collision cascades in oxide and nitride nuclear fuels are performed in this work using...

作者: Masashi Watanabe, Takeo Sunaoshi, Masato Kato

摘要: The oxygen chemical diffusion coefficient in (U, Pu)O2-x was determined by thermo-gravimetry as functions of the Pu content,...

作者: Igor I. Konovalov, Boris A. Tarasov, Eduard M. Glagovskiy

摘要: Article discusses experimental data on creep of (U,Pu)N and other uranium compounds, and possible mechanism of mass-transfer. Proposed equation...

作者: Sergey Starikov, Alexey Kuksin, Daria Smirnova, Alexey Dolgodvorov, Vladimir Ozrin

摘要: Multiscale computational approach is used to evaluate microscopic parameters for description of nitride nuclear fuel. The results of atomistic...