Progress in Thermodynamics, Diffusion, Ion and Proton Transport of Ionic Compounds and Ion-Conducting Polymer Films


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Bi Cheng Zhou, Zi Kui Liu

摘要: In this chapter, the modeling techniques of the thermodynamic and diffusion properties based on density functional theory in ionic materials,...

作者: Reidar Haugsrud

摘要: Oxides dissolve protons that become mobile at high temperatures resulting in proton conduction. Materials possessing this functional property find...

作者: P. Fielitz, Günter Borchardt

摘要: Aluminium is a key element in geological and man-made materials which has only one stable isotope and no radionuclides with half-life times...

作者: Harald Schmidt

摘要: This article presents a review on Li diffusion in lithium containing metal oxide compounds. The focus is on the investigation of solid state...

作者: Hans Dieter Wiemhöfer, Steffen Jeschke, Eva Cznotka

摘要: Replacing traditional liquid electrolytes by polymers will significantly improve electrical energy storage technologies. However, the ion...