Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering Vol. 29


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Yong Xin Li, Feng He Wu, Peng Wu

摘要: The traditional design method of machine tool column easily leads to material redundancy and it is difficult to achieve the best structural...

作者: Zhuang Zhi Sun, Gang Zhao, Wen Long Song, Guang Li Zhang, Hong Shi Bi

摘要: Recently, ionic actuator as a kind of artificial muscle has attracted great attentions according to their remarkable strain under low-voltage...

作者: Prihartini Widiyanti

摘要: Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that replaces missing bone with material from patient′s own body, an artificial, synthetic, or natural...

作者: Quan He Bao, Jie Qing Zhang

摘要: HA and HA+Y2O3 films were prepared by pulsed laser deposition. The microstructure and composition of films were studied by...

作者: Alexandra M. Brown, Yoliem S. Miranda-Alarćon, Grant A. Knoll, Steven M. Romanelli, Ipsita A. Banerjee

摘要: Although effective, chemotherapeutic drugs often cause undesired side-effects. Thus, encapsulating chemotherapeutic drugs into nanoscale drug...

作者: Ye.G. Romanenko, A.D. Matveeva

摘要: At the children with chronic gastritis and duodenitis was revealed destroyed of morphological - functional property of gums with prevalence of...

作者: Yan Hao Shao, Yan Song Zhou, Yan Zhang, Yao Dong Gu, Gusztáv Fekete, Justin Fernandez

摘要: The median frequency (MF) and mean power frequency (MPF) have been confirmed as reliable indicators of muscle fatigue during sustained...

作者: Ozlem Coskun, Aytul Sofu, Mesud Kahriman, Selcuk Comlekci

摘要: This study analyzes the effects of the devices that work at the frequency of 2450 MHz and that release electromagnetic waves on the growth of...

作者: Kazeem Oyeyemi Oyebode, Jules Raymond Tapamo

摘要: Cell segmentation provides an opportunity to reveal object of interest from the background of an image. In the traditional graph cut segmentation...

作者: Zhen Huan Zhou

摘要: Neurosurgery navigation system consists of an image workstation, infrared optical positioning device and surgical instrument components. The...