Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering Vol. 32


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: P.K. Suresh

摘要: The focus of this review is to outline the remarkable ability of the gecko to climb surfaces vertically, at tremendous speed (over 1 m/s) using...

作者: Pei Jian Zhou, Tao Liu, Xiao Hong Zhou, Jie Gang Mou, Shui Hua Zheng, Yun Qing Gu, Deng Hao Wu

摘要: With the development of science and technology, the development of underwater vehicles with many advantages such as low energy consumption, low...

作者: Ganesh M. Bapat, S. Sujatha

摘要: A Knee-Ankle-Foot orthosis (KAFO) is used as a supportive device by individuals with lower limb disability. A type of KAFO that allows knee...

作者: Zahra Trad, Abdelwahed Barkaoui, Moez Chafra

摘要: Knee malalignment is considered one of the key biomechanical factors that influence the progression of knee osteoarthritis. In this context, a...

作者: Said Kebdani, S. Kebdani, M. Dahmane, Z. Azari

摘要: There are a few years, it has become the use of artificial discs and effectively to compensate for damaged discs in humans due to the eccentric...

作者: Aminatun, Dyah Hikmawati, M. Yasin

摘要: Total hip replacement (THR) that is widely used today is the cemented type, which its application will lead to aseptic loosening. To avoid the...

作者: Mahesh Kumar Sah, Indranil Banerjee, Krishna Pramanik

摘要: There is a need for high performance scaffold in tissue engineering. Keeping this perspective in mind, the present study delineates the...

作者: Andini Isfandiary, Prihartini Widiyanti, Dyah Hikmawati

摘要: In case of burns, scaffolds serve as cover for burns and facilitate cells regeneration. Accordingly, this study seeks procedures to synthesize...

作者: Karina Dwi Saraswati, Prihartini Widiyanti, Dwi Gustiono, Jan Setiawan

摘要: The prevalence rate of surgical wound infections caused by bacteria is an average of 9% of the 1.4 million patients worldwide. For this reason, a...

作者: Olurotimi Adeleye, Olatutu Olawale, Gbeminiyi Sobamowo

摘要: The complexity of the multiple interactive reactions of various cells/proteins and biochemical processes during phagocyte transmigration for...