International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa Vol. 25


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Yuri M. Baron

摘要: Blanks made from sheet steel or other materials have burrs on their edges. The burrs are formed on the blanks at cutting down or processing of...

作者: S.T. Selvamani, S. Divagar, M. Vigneshwar

摘要: Aluminum alloys are widely used in engineering structures and components where light weight or corrosion resistance were required. Friction...

作者: Yun Qing Gu, Qiang Wang, Qiang Liu, Yao Lin Sun, Tian Xing Fan, Deng Hao Wu

摘要: Vortex pump is a kind of non-clogging pump, which will cause a large amount of vortex during transportation. Four kinds of mathematical model of...

作者: M. Ganesan, S. Sendilvelan

摘要: Control of harmful emissions during cold start of the engine has become a challenging task over the years due to the ever increasing stringent...

作者: Salman Abdu, Song Zhou, Malachy Orji

摘要: Highly increased fuel prices and the need for greenhouse emissions reduction from diesel engines used in marine engines in compliance with...

作者: L.V. Trykoz, I.V. Bagiyanc, V.Yu. Savchuk, O.M. Pustovoitova, S.M. Kamchatnaya, O.S. Saiapin

摘要: The article deals with the measuring results of the specific conductance of multicomponent systems which consist of more than three materials of...

作者: Macharla Jayachandra Babu, Naramgari Sandeep

摘要: Three-dimensional magnetohydromagnetic slip flow of chemically reacting fluid over a variable thickness stretching sheet with space and...

作者: Tariq Rahim, Jia Dong Xu

摘要: The high frequency field expressions are analyzed for perfect electromagnetic conducting (PEMC) elliptical reflector embedded in isotropic,...

作者: Cherif Khelifi, Fateh Ferroudji, Mohammed Ouali

摘要: Wind and solar resources are diluted and intermittent on the earth; their combination allowed increasing their availability and stability. At...

作者: Chuang Liu, Zhao Wei Sun, Ke Ke Shi, Feng Wang

摘要: In this paper, we address the mixed H2/H control approach for linear time-invariant system based on linear...