International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa Vol. 29


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Kamel Ghouilem, Rachid Mehaddene, Mohammed Kadri

摘要: The ANSYS® Finite Element Method (FEM) program offers a variety of elements designed to treat cases of changing mechanical contact between the...

作者: O.K. Koriko, A.J. Omowaye, Isaac Lare Animasaun, Mayowa E. Bamisaye

摘要: In this article, the problem of a non-Newtonian fluid (micropolar) flow over a horizontal melting surface in the presence of internal heat source...

作者: Nadjate Abdelmalek, Hichem Farh

摘要: An investigation has been done to study the influence of the Fe and Al doping concentration on the optical properties of zinc oxide thin films. A...

作者: Ali Lahouel, Said Boudebane, Alain Iost, Alex Montagne

摘要: The aim of this research paper is to fabricate a Fe-TiC composite by a novel and simple manufacturing method. The latter is based on two...

作者: Seyed Ali Heydarshahy, Shivakumar Karekal

摘要: Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) cutters have been popularly used in recent times due to their resistance against mechanical and thermal...

作者: Samya Dahbi, Latifa Ezzine, Haj El Moussami

摘要: This paper presents the modeling of cutting performances in turning of 2017A aluminium alloy at four turning parameters: cutting speed,...

作者: Abdulwahab Giwa, Saidat Olanipekun Giwa

摘要: This work has been carried out to demonstrate the application of a process simulator known as CHEMCAD to the modelling and the simulation of a...

作者: Dalila Chiheb, Mebarek Belaoura, Mohamed Nadib Oudjit, Abderrahim Bali

摘要: In some parts of Algeria, the alluvial deposits are depleted. Optimizing the use of available resources, has become gradually urgent need and more...

作者: Gideon O. Bamigboye, Oluwole A. Olaniyi, David O. Olukanni, Anthony N. Ede, Isaac I. Akinwumi

摘要: There has been increasing incidents of collapse of reinforced concrete buildings in Nigeria. Many research works, suspecting the quality of...

作者: L.V. Trykoz, I.V. Bagiyanc, А.V. Nykytynskyj

摘要: The article deals with the possibility to create the cement-based material with improved electrophysical characteristics. The material can be used...