Journal of Metastable and Nanocrystalline Materials: Winter e-volume 2005

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作者: Jung Ho Ahn, Yong Jin Kim, G.X. Wang, H.K. Liu
摘要: Ag and SnO2 nanopowders were synthesized by reverse-micelle method. The reverse micelles were prepared to form tiny aqueous droplets dispersed in oil-based solvents. Two reverse micelles containing metallic salts and reductive agents were rigorously mixed to form nanoparticles inside aqueous droplets by a reductive reaction. The spherical powders of 20~50 nm were formed during the process. The resulting Ag and SnO2 nanopowders were examined as the anode electrode for lithium-ion cells. The reversible discharge capacity of the Ag and SnO2 nanopowders after 25 cycles were 315 and 380 mAh/g, respectively.
作者: David Wexler, Andrzej Calka, Druce P. Dunne