Journal of Nano Research Vol. 45


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Rasika Dhavse, Kumar Prashant, Chetan Dabhi, Anand Darji, R.M. Patrikar

摘要: This work applies combination of Direct Tunneling model and BSIM4 based ITAT model to explain the leakage of electrons from charged nanocrystals...

作者: Usisipho Feleni, Rachel Fanelwa Ajayi, Abongile Jijana, Unathi Sidwaba, Samantha Douman, Priscilla Baker, Emmanuel Iwuoha

摘要: Biocompatibility of tin selenide quantum dots was achieved by the incorporation of 3-mercaptopropionic acid (3-MPA) as a capping agent, which also...

作者: Seadet Humbatova, Shamo Tapdigov, Nizami Zeynalov, Dilgam Taghiyev, Samira Mammadova

摘要: Silver nanoparticles were synthesized at 293÷353 K temperature range by NaBH4 and HCOOH solutions with low concentration at...

作者: Qin Shi, Jing Xu, Li Feng Dang, Jun Chen, Guo Gang Tang, Wen Yan Zuo, He Jun Zhu, Chang Sheng Li

摘要: TiSe2 nanobelts/nanoplates have been successfully fabricated through a facile and environment-friendly pressureless sintered process...

作者: P. Murugeswari, A.P. Kabilan, V.E. Jayanthi

摘要: A novel signaling technique for on-chip carbon nanotube interconnect aiming a higher bitrate in the range of Terahertz (THz) with low power...

作者: Ting Nan Yan, En Hui Liu, Zeng Yong Chu, Xiao Dong Li

摘要: High-shear mixing was demonstrated as an effective approach for the green synthesis of ultrathin g-C3N4 nanosheets with...

作者: Rouzbeh Molaei Imen Abadi, Seyed Ali Sedigh Ziabari

摘要: In this paper, a gate-all-around junctionless tunnel field effect transistor (JL-TFET) based on carbon nanotube (CNT) material is introduced and...

作者: Pin Hui Zhao, Yi Luo, Ling Yun Kong

摘要: Inherently benefiting from the natural nanosize graphene-structure in raw asphalt material. Asphalt-derived graphene quantum dots ( GQDs ) are...

作者: Hao Liu, Li Li Zhu, Yan Fang Xu, Xu Jie, Bo Wen Cheng

摘要: Template/spin-coating method was presented for fabricating single-layer nano-pillar array polymethylmethacrylate (SL-PMMA) and double-layer...

作者: Marzough A. Albalawi, Jayda Eldiasty, Syed Khasim, Nacer Badi

摘要: In this study, the antimicrobial growth inhibition and mechanistic activities of silver (Ag NPs), zinc oxide (ZnO NPs), and copper (Cu NPs)...