In Vivo Biocompatibility of a Novel Ceramic-Metal Biocomposite



An in vivo biocompatibility test of a novel biocomposite, with major phases of CaTiO3 and Ti2O, and minor phases of AlTi3, TiO, CaO and Al2O3, was conducted on rats using subcutaneous implantation. The biocomposite and titanium alloy control specimens were removed at 6 and 14 weeks post-implantation. Histological examination revealed no significant adverse reaction of the surrounding tissue to the either the biocomposite or the control material. We conclude that the composite is well tolerated in a physiological environment.





Panjian Li, Kai Zhang and Clifford W. Colwell, Jr.




D. Ying et al., "In Vivo Biocompatibility of a Novel Ceramic-Metal Biocomposite", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 284-286, pp. 807-810, 2005


April 2005




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