The Study on Ductile Removal Mechanisms of Ultrasonic Vibration Grinding Nano-ZrO2 Ceramics



On the basis of analyzing the brittleness, ductileity, and the removal mechanisms of the^nano-ZrO2 Ceramics, the critical ductile grinding depth formula of the nano-ceramics was established. Due to superductileity of the nano-ZrO2 ceramics, it couldn’t apply the formula of the common engineering ceramic material according to experimental results. The value of material coefficient ζ has relations with not only the material characteristics but also the processing methods and the processing parameters. It was proved that ζ has great effects on the accuracy of theoretical calculation. Experimental results showed that the critical ductility grinding depth of the nano-ZrO2 ceramics is up to 12 µm in common grinding methods, while in ultrasonic grinding is up to 20µm. The grinding chips with and without ultrasonic vibration assistance were discussed.




Guangqi Cai, Xipeng Xu and Renke Kang




B. Zhao et al., "The Study on Ductile Removal Mechanisms of Ultrasonic Vibration Grinding Nano-ZrO2 Ceramics ", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 304-305, pp. 171-175, 2006


February 2006




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