The Science of Engineering Ceramics III


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Dong Sook Chang, Yong Jae Kwon, Chang Sung Lim, Jong Won Yoon, Kwang Bo Shim

摘要: Uniformly nano-sized macroporous silica consisting of well-defined pore sizes were successfully fabricated. A modified sol-gel process, using...

作者: Hae Won Lee, Joo Sun Kim, Jong Ho Lee, H. Song

摘要: Thermoset molding in wet and dry state was successfully employed to fabricate high strength reaction bonded silicon carbide (RBSC) ceramics....

作者: Ryoji Kawahata, Yoshikazu Suzuki

摘要: There are several TiO2-containing minerals, such as rutile (TiO2-based, typically 90-98%), leucoxene (FeTiO3-TiO2 based, typically 60-92%) and...

作者: N.F. Gao, Koji Watari, Shoichi Kume

摘要: Industrial wastes have exerted high loads on environment in view of the difficulties to reserve landfill space and the risk of air pollution. In...

作者: Sachie Nagano, Koji Watari

摘要: In order to develop low-energy ceramic processing, we evaluated the energy consumption of total fabrication processes of alumina ceramics with...

作者: Takaaki Nagaoka, Takahisa Tsugoshi, Yuji Hotta, Kimiyasu Sato, Koji Watari

摘要: We have developed a new environmentally friendly fabrication process for alumina ceramics using hydraulic alumina (HA) and water. Without the...

作者: Young Kil Kim, Yeon Gil Jung, Jun Baek Song, Min Chul Shin, Hee Soo Lee

摘要: Wall and floor tiles were fabricated by a dry pressing method using waste glass and clay. The properties of the tiles such as absorption, bulk...

作者: S.P. Shukla, C.D. Madhusoodana, Rathindra Nath Das

摘要: The extruded honeycomb supports, porous filters and catalyst monoliths are innovative ceramic products used in environmental protection. The...

作者: Mitsuhiko Ohta, Masahiko Tajika, Atsushi Nakahira

摘要: In this study, porous hydroxyapatite (HAp) bodies were prepared by the simple process. We fabricated porous fibers consisting of...

作者: Motoki Kaneno, Kiyoko Sakamoto, Shunro Yamaguchi, Katsuaki Suganuma

摘要: Calcium phosphate-AMP layered material was synthesized by the hydrolysis of α−TCP in the presence of AMP at pH=6.2. The resulting composite was a...