Advanced Nondestructive Evaluation I


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Sang Joon Lee, Kwang Mo Kim, Jun Jae Lee

摘要: NDE (Nondestructive Evaluation) of wood was performed using X-ray CT technique in order to determine the applicability of this technology to...

作者: So Ra Han, Chun Young Park, Young Geun Eom, Jun Jae Lee

摘要: This research was carried out to grasp the factors influencing to the ultrasonic velocity to improve the efficiency of the ultrasonic wave test...

作者: Kwang Mo Kim, Jun Jae Lee

摘要: Recently, a new ultrasonic CT system has been developed as the NDE method suitable for wood. In this system, several characteristics related to...

作者: Watcharin Kaewapichai, Pakorn Kaewtrakulpong, Asa Prateepasen

摘要: This paper presents a machine vision method to inspect the maturity of pineapples that ripe naturally. Unlike previous methods, the proposed...

作者: Ki Bok Kim, Man Soo Kim, Hyun Mo Jung, Sang Dae Lee, Jeong Gil Park, Ghi Seok Kim

摘要: This study was conducted to analyze the ultrasonic transmitted signal for apple using wavelet transform. Fruit consists of non-linear...

作者: Ki Bok Kim, Seon Gun Park, Ji Yeon Kim, Jong Heon Kim, Chan Joo Lee, Man Soo Kim, Man Yong Choi

摘要: In this study, microwave free-space transmission technique was applied to measure the moisture content of powdered food (wheat flour, milk...

作者: Suk Won Kang, Kang Jin Lee, Jae Ryong Son

摘要: This study was conducted to develop an accurate quality evaluation system based on optimized factors such as light source array and light power,...

作者: Suk Won Kang, Kang Jin Lee, Ho Young Lee

摘要: This study was aimed at developing a new quality evaluation system for classifying the cucumber based on its length and curvature, and removing...

作者: Kang Jin Lee, Wank Yu Choi, Gi Young Kim, Suk Won Kang, Sang Ha Noh

摘要: Watermelons are usually sorted by theirs weight and internal quality. Some automated watermelon weight sorters have been developed and operated...

作者: Sun Ok Chung, Byong Hak Chong, Suk Won Kang, Gi Young Kim

摘要: Precision agriculture, also called as site-specific crop (or field) management, is a recent trend in crop production that uses field information...