Organoclay Effect on Transverse Tensile Strength and In-Plane Shear Strength of Unidirectional Glass/Epoxy Nanocomposites



This research focuses on the fabrication of glass fiber/epoxy organoclay nanocomposites as well as on the investigation of organoclay effect on transverse tensile strength and in-plane shear strength of the nanocomposites. To demonstrate the organoclay effect, three different loadings of organoclay were dispersed respectively in the epoxy resin using a mechanical mixer followed by sonication. The corresponding glass/epoxy nanocomposites were produced by impregnating dry glass fiber with organoclay epoxy compound via a vacuum hand lay-up procedure. For evaluating transverse tensile strengths, the unidirectional coupon specimens were prepared and tested in the transverse direction. Results indicate that with the increment of organoclay loadings, the glass/epoxy nanocomposites demonstrate higher transverse tensile strength. On the other hand, the in-plane shear strengths were measured from [± 45]s laminates. It is revealed that when the organoclay loadings increase, the in-plane shear strength of glass/epoxy nanocomposites also increases appropriately. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) observations on the failure surfaces indicate that the increasing characteristics in transverse and in-plane failure stresses may be ascribed to the enhanced fiber/matrix bonding modified by the organoclay.




J.K. Kim, D.Z. Wo, L.M. Zhou, H.T. Huang, K.T. Lau and M. Wang




J. L. Tsai and M. D. Wu, "Organoclay Effect on Transverse Tensile Strength and In-Plane Shear Strength of Unidirectional Glass/Epoxy Nanocomposites", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 334-335, pp. 773-776, 2007


March 2007




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