Study on Removal Mechanism of Fixed-Abrasive Diamond Wire Saw Slicing Monocrystalline Silicon



The physical model of fixed-abrasive diamond wire-sawing monocrystalline silicon was founded to analyze the elastic deformation of the wire, supposing that every grit was connected to the surface of the wire by a spring. Ignoring lateral vibration of the wire, the geometrical model of wire-sawing was founded; the average cut depth of single grit was calculated theoretically. Based the indentation fracture mechanics and investigations on brittle-ductile transition of machining monocrystalline silicon, the removal mechanism and surface formation was studied theoretically. It shows that in the case of wire-sawing velocity of 10m/s or higher, infeed velocity of 0.20mm/s and diamond grain size of 64μm or smaller, the chip formation and material removal is in a brittle regime mainly, but the silicon wafer surface formation is sawed in a ductile regime. The size of the abrasives, the wire-saw velocity and infeed velocity can influence the sawing process obviously.




Jiuhua Xu, Xipeng Xu, Guangqi Cai and Renke Kang




Y. F. Gao et al., "Study on Removal Mechanism of Fixed-Abrasive Diamond Wire Saw Slicing Monocrystalline Silicon ", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 359-360, pp. 450-454, 2008


November 2007




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