Telerobot Control System with Petri Net-Based Multi-Control Modes Transfer in Due Time



Man-machine cooperative teleoperation and multi-control modes transfer in due time are the key problems that the telerobot system must deal with. That is the intelligence of the operator and the robot in the system should be distributed appropriately according to the current task state. The current task state of the telerobot system should be evaluated to solve these problems. So the telerobot control system is built with current task state evaluation after analyzing system control modes. For the control modes transfer in due time, its Petri Net (PN) model is built and it is simulated with the Stateflow module of Matlab. Simulation results show the validity and rationality of the model.




Guanglin Wang, Huifeng Wang and Jun Liu




B. You et al., "Telerobot Control System with Petri Net-Based Multi-Control Modes Transfer in Due Time", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 392-394, pp. 278-282, 2009


October 2008




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